Amigurumi Little Cow Free Crochet Pattern

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One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi cow, whose photos and design belong to Tra Nguyen. You can learn how to crochet these cow using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Tra Nguyen for this cute cow.

Below you will find some information about this pattern. Remember, you can ask for help by sharing your problem with amigurumi in our Facebook group. Have fun…

If you don’t know how to often crochet and needles, read our shares. Start your knitting according to the rate you have according to the shape you will make. Shape your toy by increasing and decreasing the point. Once you weave the shape you want to fill the inside of your toy and look at the pictures to decorate. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to be aware of the amigurumi crochet patterns we share everyday.

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• Any cotton yarn that you like: white (primary color), black, beige, light pink.
• Hook: 2.5 mm
• 1 pair of 8mm safe black eyes
• Stuffed magic ring in polyester, stitch markers, scissors, tapestry


MR: The Magic Ring
ch: chain
p: row
st: loop
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
BLO: for the back half loop
inc: 2 columnsmagic ring in one loop
dc-inc: 2 dc in one loop
dec: decavmagic ring- 2 pillarsmagic ring with one vertex
cn: slip loop.
x: repeat x times


– Work in a continuous spiral, not connecting, if not in the scheme. The magic ring is different.
– Use a magic ring marker or piece of yarn to make an end or beginning of a row. Move the marker on the magic ring every row.
– All stitches are sewn in both loops, otherwise. The magic ring is called in the circuit.
– I have a magic ringmagic ring under a written sample, I hope it helps you make this cow. Let’s start!



Black words: White yarn (primary color)
Red words: black yarn
1. MR, 8sc (8)
2. 8 inc (16)
3. (1sc, 1inc) x 8 (24)
4. (3sc, 1inc) x 6 (30)
5. 2sc, 1inc, 4sc, 1inc, 2sc, 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc) x3, 2sc (36)
6. 6. 5sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 2sc, 3sc, 1inc, (5sc, 1inc) x3 (42)
7. 3sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc, 1sc, 5sc, 1inc, (6sc, 1inc) x3, 3sc (48)
8. 7sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1sc, 1inc, 3sc, 4sc, 1inc, (7sc, 1inc) x3 (54)
9. 4sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1sc, 1inc, (8sc, 1inc) x3, 4sc (60)
10. 16sc, 6sc 38sc (60)

11. 16sc, 5sc 39sc (60)
12. 9sc, 1inc, 6sc, 3sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, (9sc, 1inc) x2 (66)
13.17sc, 6sc 18sc, 4sc 21sc (66)
14. 5sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 1sc, 4sc 5sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 1sc, 6sc, 3sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 5sc (72)
15. 20sc, 3sc 21sc, 7sc, 21sc (72)
16. 21sc, 1sc 21sc, 9sc, 20sc (72)
17. 42sc, 10sc 20sc (72)
18. 43sc, 8sc 21sc (72)
19. 44sc, 6sc 22sc (72)
20. 45sc, 4sc 23sc (72)

21. (11sc, 1inc) x6 (78)
22. 78sc (78)
23. (11sc, 1dec) x6 (72)
24. 5sc, 1dec, (10sc, 1dec) x5, 5sc (66)
25 (9 sc, 1 dec) x6 (60)
26. 4sc, 1dec, (8sc, 1dec) x5, 4sc (54)
27. (7sc, 1dec) x6 (48)
28. 3sc, 1dec, (6sc, 1dec) x5, 3sc (42)
29. (5sc, 1dec) x6 (36)
Insert the eyes between 20-21 and 11 rows.
30. 2sc, 1dec, (4sc, 1dec) x5, 2sc (30)
31. (3sc, 1dec) x6, cn (24)
Fasten by leaving a long thread. Stuff detail.


Use light pink:
1.The chain of magic ring 5 ch, 3sc, 3sc in the last stitch, 2sc, 1inc (10)
2. 1inc, 2dc, 3inc, 2sp, 2inc, sp (16)
Make 1 fake loop before sewing:
– Insert the needle into the next loop
– Stitch back to BLO loop
– Pull (now we have the 17th) see photo
– Use 1 piece of dark pink and black yarn for embroidery on the nose.

Ears: (make two)

Start with light pink:
1. MR, 6sc (6)
2. 6 inc (12)
Change to white or black:
3. (1sc, 1inc) x6 (18)
4. (2sc, 1inc) x6 (24), sp.
Fasten by leaving a long thread. Fold your ears and sew or 3sc before stitching to the head.
Last Stitch 3sts
Fold 6st and crochet on both sides of 6sts

Horns: (make two)

Use beige yarn:
1. MR, 5sc (5)
2. 5sc (5)
3. 5inc (10) 4-5.
10sc (10)
Fasten, leaving a long tail for sewing.


Red word: black yarn
Black word: White yarn (primary color)
First step:
Start with beige yarn:
1.MR, 8sc (8)
2.8 inc (16)
3. (1sc, 1inc) x8 (24) 4. BLO, 24sc (24)
5-6. 24sc (24)
7.6sc, 6dec, 6sc (18).
Change to white yarn:
8-10. 18sc (18).
Fasten, cut the yarn.
Place marker on loop 14

Second phase:
1-10: knit the same, magic ring to the first leg, but do not cut the yarn.
11.5sc, 3ch, connect the first leg with sc to the marker st, 17sc, 3sc on the chain,
18sc, 3sc per chain. (42)
12.8sc, 1inc, 20sc, 1inc, 12sc (44)
13.44sc (44)
14.7sc, (1sc, 1inc) x2, 1sc 17sc (1sc, 1inc) x2, 11sc (48)
15.12sc, 3sc 29sc, 4sc (48)
16.11sc, 5sc, 28sc, 4sc (48)
17.6sc, 1dec, 2sc, 4sc, 1dec, 1sc, 5sc, 1dec, (6sc, 1dec) x2, 3sc, 3sc, 1dec (42)

18.8sc, 8sc 23sc, 3sc (42)
19.8sc, 5sc 1sc, 3sc 23sc, 1sc 1sc (42)
20. 5sc, 1dec, 2sc, 3sc 1dec, 1sc, 2sc 2sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1sc, 3sc,
1dec, 5sc, 1dec (36)
21.9sc, 1sc 14sc, 3sc, 9sc (36)
22.23sc, 5sc, 8sc (36)
23.2sc, 1dec, (4sc, 1dec) x3, 4sc, 1dec, 4sc, 1dec, 2sc (30)
24.18sc, 4sc, 8sc (30)
25. 18sc, 3sc, 9sc (30)
26. (3sc, 1dec) x6 (24)
27.24sc, cn (24). Fasten

Rumagic ring: (make two)

Start with beige yarn:
1. MR, 6sc (6)
2. 6 inc (12).
Change to white yarn: 3-14.
12sc (12)
Do not stuff
Fold 2 pcs. Crochet both sides at the same time = 6sc.
Fasten by leaving a long thread.


Use your favorite color:
1. Ch 50, (dc inc) * 50 (100)
2.ch2, 100 dc (100). Fasten and hide the yarn.

First bib:

(Atamagic ring of yarn – the place where you want to attach the yarn) 8 loops wide
1. ch1, 1sc on the same stitch, 7sc (8)
2-4. Turn, ch1, 8sc (8)
5. ch13, 12sp, 1sc in the 2nd column from the 4th row, 5sc, ch13, 12sp, cn in the last of 4 rows. Skip 17 loops, attach yarn.
Make the second bib the same, magic ring to the first
Collection of magic ring
– Sew head to body
– Sew your nose between rows 21-24
– Sew horns on the head between: left: rows 7-9
Atamagic ring yarn 8sts 9sts
17sts last stitch
Atamagic ring yarn
 Right: Rows 9 – 11
– Sew the ears to the head 1 row below the horns.
– Embroider eyebrows (15 row).
– Hands: put your hands on both sides of the body (1 row under the neck). Sew them.

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